Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gary Baldi (Drop Out Orchestra) Exclusive Interview!

Gary working the crowd!
Today Lisa speaks to Gary Baldi, one half of the Sweedish duo Drop Out Orchestra.
                 Read about how they got on! 

Lisa    Drop Out Orchestra are fast becoming one of the most loved Nu Disco remixer’s….. What does it take for a track to appeal to you for a remix?

Gary    "There has to be something in there for us to work with, a part that we like, a vocal, a melody hook or something. Or just a general vibe for us to use and do our thing with."

Lisa    Without sounding too biased, which 3 of your recent remixes would put top of the playlists?

Gary    "My favourite - and probably least danceable - is the one we did for Paul Weller last year. I'm also really happy with the remix we did for Dublin Aunts a couple of months back, 'Heartbreak Reputation'. And the Leroy Burgess remix, my favourite out of all our basslines."

Lisa    With a packed out calendar of gigs, how do you keep up with making music?

Gary    "We make music on the road sometimes, or we plan future productions and discuss what's next. And of course I go to the studio every morning, making music all day long."

Lisa    What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played live to?

Gary    That has to be a festival in Guadalajara in Mexico. We had a couple of thousands I think, and you should remember we usually play 300-500 capacity clubs, so that's a lot to us.

Lisa    What can we expect in the near future from DOO?

Gary    "We have just handed in a six track all originals EP to this label for mastering. All grooves, no hooks, all instrumentals with a lot of strings and echo. And we're working with the fabulous Billie Ray Martin on a couple of new songs, plus there are two other vocal collaborations in the pipeline, just waiting for a few more remixes. So... a lot going on right now."

Lisa    What is the name of your favourite Nu Disco blog?!

Gary    "Sorry but I don't follow the blogs as closely as I know I should. There are so many blogs that really helped our music get out there and reach people... I think we owe our career to you lot."

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