Friday, 14 December 2012

Mexican Weekend Mix - Pat Lok

Pat Lok drops his Mexican Weekend Mix....  
If you like it a bit deeper - Get your funk on. 

Peter Brown - They only come out at night (Disco Syndicate's reboot)

Check this cool cat out. 

Serial Edit master from the Netherlands Disco Syndicate fires out another edit of a classic...

We love the production here.....

All Aboard the Mulletship!!

Mullet Records hit us with a stonker of an end of year album...Various - All Aboard the Mulletship Vol. 2 hit Juno this week and contains a host of great releases summing up their awesome year.

Mr winks also managed to take over the Disco page at Juno Download DISCO!

Mullet round of a great year.....

Drop Out Orchestra Mixtape (Dec 2012)

01. Drop Out Orchestra - The Blue Train (Dicky Trisco Mix)
02. Vicente and A.N.D.Y. - El Barrio (The Supermen Lovers Remix)
03. Drop Out Orchestra - Ocean (Everybody Dance Version)
04. Sylvester - Tell Me (Munga Verseless Version)
05. Kon and The Gang - Get It Together
06. Norma Jean Wright - Love Attack
07. Mirror People - Kaleidoscope
08. Bonar Bradberry - Stop and Look
09. K.I.D. - You Don't Like My Music
10. Locksmith - Far Beyond
11. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert
12. Irrelevant Celebrities - Dance and Chant + Never Enough acapella (DOO Edit)
13. Madonna - Like a Virgin (Mighty Mouse Rework)
14. Faze Action - Freak For Your Love + ABBA - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) DOO Edit
15. Casio Social Club - Nodic Nights + Sterling Void - It's All Right (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) DOO Edit

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tigers On A Leash drop Week Knees

and what a release this is......

Check all the remixes here - Lou Teti and the gang do not disappoint !!
The Bronx remix is the stand out jammer, followed closely by the Eddie Mars remix.....

Friday, 7 December 2012

Robin S - "Show Me Love" gets a Nu Disco shake up by Nine Lives

Nu disco regular Nine Lives hits us with a nice "weekend freeby" today - his slick rework of the  Robin S house classic - Show Me Love......grab it now as full WAV via the Vendition Records Facebook page. HERE!

We love a freeby every now and again! 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Latest Aeroplane mix.....

1. Tropics - Popup Cinema ( Kelpe Remix )
2. Mike Mago - Galactic ( Behling & Simpson Remix )
3. Moulinex - Fauna
4. Rogue Vogue - Feel Love
5. Karmon fefat. Terry Shand - Take My Hand
6. Tim Green - 3 Days Ago
7. Tom Demac - Tanners
8. The Other Tribe - Sing With Your Feet
9. L'Equipe Du Son - Slow Notion ( Dubka Remix )
10. Sumera - Bright Lies ( Riptide Remix )
11. Klangkarussel - Sonnentanz