Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Daft Punk DISCO!!!

Now that we’ve heard like 15 seconds of Daft Punk’s new album, it’s totally fair to speculate what the album’s sound will encompass. And based on those 15 seconds, the two syllable answer is: Dis-Co. The lauded duo’s previous material–most notably Discovery–has always held heavy disco tendencies, and many of their tracks, like “Robot Rock,” directly sample the genre. The 15 seconds (no longer available online), while quite pleasing on the ears, were certainly a tease. Hell, the loop could’ve been attached to a name from Breakbot to Calvin Harris (“School” Calvin) attached to it and that wouldn’t be a shock. But being that this is the Daft Punk, well…let’s speculate.
So after hearing these entire disco-ish 15 seconds, combined with the knowledge that dico godfather’s Giorgio Moroder and Niles Rodgers loaned hand on the album, it’s safe to say speculate that Daft Punk is about to bring that Daft Funk.

In the mean time, someone’s already turned the 15 second clip into a remix!

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